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Scientifically grounded, analytically based, yet profoundly human, our involvement approach will open doors that directly connect your talent to business outcomes.

Get your talent involved & drive the business forward, now!

A Proven Track Record of Involvement



All talent models differ. Yet all the effective ones have a common thread: High involvement.

The most effective individuals, teams, and leaders are involved enough to read each situation and provide stakeholders with what they need to drive critical business outcomes.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Ben Franklin

The Involved Approach

Whether you prefer a custom algorithm that directly connects Involvement with your company’s specific business outcomes or prefer to use our proprietary, AI-driven database of thousands of individuals across industries, we connect your talent’s Involvement to critical business outcomes.

Here’s How It Works

Leverage &
Strengthen Involvement With

Involved Assessments

A proprietary, AI-driven database of thousands of individuals across all industries fuels our assessment work.

Did You Know?

Involvement has been around for over 100 years and gone by many names, we prefer the original. It’s tried and true.

Firms with high involvement have significantly higher financial performance (4x) compared to low Involvement firms.

Organizations that implement Involvement sky-rocket up best-places-to-work lists. We have firsthand experience in doing so.

Leadership is THE key driver for Involvement, accounting for over 70% of variability in effectiveness.

Highly involved employees are:

  • 42% happier
  • 51% more committed
  • 43% more satisfied
  • 39% less likely to turnover
  • and are 3x more effective

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